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2017 Conference Tracks

  • From Clicks to Bricks

    From Clicks to Bricks

    5 April, Theatre 1

    The future of retail is digital, but the path to digital integration and omni-channel success is less clear. How can retailers really make the digitally enabled store work hard as part of an integrated whole? From Clicks to Bricks is designed to illuminate the most ground-breaking technologies and strategies that are driving the deepening integration of online and offline, so retailers can get smarter about the way to help shoppers feel connected in multiple retail spaces and online places! Hear from leading retailers who are successfully delivering a seamless online to physical store shopping experience, boosting sales and enhancing customer experience. 

  • Going Global

    Going Global

    5 April, Theatre 2
    Going Global will showcase strategies for overcoming significant challenges of planning, establishing and growing retail operations in multiple countries. Speakers from global brands will share real insights about market and model selection, effective partnerships, localisation and branding challenges. Hear how UK retailers are evaluating the risk of entering new territories and re-evaluating/exploring different growth areas in the aftermath of Brexit.ignecio
  • Mobile First

    Mobile First

    5 April, Theatre 3

    Mobile pervades everything, is continuously on the rise; We are now at a stage where eCommerce is 'mobile-first'. The focus is moving from the "newness" of the mobile device to understand the impact on staff, stores and services when the customer is holding a "remote control for retail" in her hand. Where are the newest and biggest opportunities for retailers and how can they deploy the latest technology to gain the competitive edge?


  • The Final Mile

    The Final Mile

    5 April, Theatre 4
    Is your delivery strategy surpassing customer expectations whilst playing a pivotal role in driving eCommerce revenue?  The final mile - get it wrong, and business is measurably lost; get it right, and win the competitive edge!  Strategies and technologies designed to drive increased flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness continue to grow, but do you really know what your customers actually wants? What tools and strategies are you using to manage these expectations to ensure cost-effectiveness and drive profitability?  The 3rd Annual eDelivery Expo is fast becoming the meeting place for the UK’s delivery ecosystem! With over 1.5bn parcels expected in order movements in the UK alone, this event  will showcase  an exciting mix of suppliers, education and best practice advice  designed to make your final mile deliveries go the distance!correos
  • Marketplaces Revolution

    Marketplaces Revolution

    6 April, Theatre 1

    Marketplaces are quickly becoming the shopping mall of the future; customers are increasingly using these one-stop-shops to meet a range of shopping needs and retailers are cashing in on new opportunities to grow their business through these online portals! How can smaller retailers cash in on new growth opportunities through online marketplaces?  What do larger players need to know about using online marketplaces to increase sales whilst retaining brand integrity? Whether you are a big, small, traditional or new retailer, marketplaces are big business! Do you have what it takes to cash in on the next big selling opportunity?


  • Customer Obsession

    Customer Obsession

    6 April, Theatre 2

    Digital marketing is increasingly complex, but retailers keen to gain the competitive edge are realising that getting to grips with digital can offer more opportunity to reach customers and deliver results.

    How can you use digital to shape a customer-centric culture, deliver more compelling customer experiences and use data, journey mapping and personalisation to create campaigns to drive behavioural change?

    How can content, social, search and other digital marketing tools deliver satisfaction & results and how can you measure success across channels?


  • The Product and Beyond

    The Product and Beyond

    6 April, Theatre 3
    How easy is it for your customers to logon, find what they want, purchase it, receive it on time and in perfect condition? Retailers are winning the battle to stand out from the crowd by converting online browsers into buyers and generate loyalty. The Product & Beyond will capture the imagination of retailers hoping to connect with the customer online to win new business, with a focus on converting customers and boosting online sales. This conference will showcase a range of the latest tools and strategies available to create websites and display products in a way that is accessible and attractive to today’s online shopper. How can deeper online connections result in increased sales and prompt buying decisions? What technologies are available? How can customer experience be enhanced by creating more seamless and user-friendly experiences? Where does delivery fit in?sli_systems
  • Operational Excellence

    Operational Excellence

    6 April, Theatre 4

    Operational Excellence will examine how the rapid growth of online retail has impacted traditional infrastructure revealing new approaches for achieving efficiency, responsiveness and agility. Migration to online shopping has forced retailers to restructure operations, models and relationships with customers and suppliers to achieve supply chain effectiveness. Hear how leading retailers are getting to grips with new technology and operational strategies designed to increase  growth opportunities and customer satisfaction by gaining first-hand insights into key topics including omni-channel, international growth and delivery, big data, sourcing, returns management and collaborative working. This conference will get to the heart of what is needed to improve supply chain effectiveness in the omni-channel today while maximising commercial objectives available to ensure a fit for future retail supply chains.

  • From Clicks to Bricks
  • Going Global
  • Mobile First
  • The Final Mile
  • Marketplaces Revolution
  • Customer Obsession
  • The Product and Beyond
  • Operational Excellence



6 April, Theatre 1
  1. Opening Keynote Address

    Marketplaces as a Gateway to the East

    China ranks first in the world for Internet users and boasts an online retail market size of approximately 2 trillion. Social media, video and mobile Internet is also developing at breakneck speed.  What do you need to know about how to profitably engage with and penetrate this highly competitive region to win success? 


    Alibaba: The world’s largest retailer!

    • David Lloyd
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  2. Opening Keynote Address

    Can Retailers Meet Today's Customer Expectations of Omnichannel Retailing

    In this session Robin will shed  light on a few of the more topical issues in omnicahnnel retailing today: what do you think is holding retailers back in delivering a true omni experience, what can bricks and mortar players do to take on the pure players especially as the latter enter the high street,  are internal siloes a key barrier in aligning organisations around delivering an omni experience and  how is personalisation changing expectations around loyalty?

    • Robin Phillips
  3. Opening Keynote Address

    Driving Conversions with AMP

    Over the past year the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project has enabled publishers to provide a consistently fast, responsive mobile web experience. AMP HTML’s benefits extend beyond traditional content publishers, and can provide powerful benefits to e-commerce merchants. In this session, Nick will outline the way AMP pages have enabled sellers and marketplaces to rapidly provide customers with the product information they need and drive conversions. By utilizing new e-commerce tailored features in AMP pages, merchants are equipped to meet customer expectations in a competitive and rapidly expanding industry.

    • Rowan Merewood
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  4. Opening Keynote Q&A

    Festive Post-Mortem – lessons to learn and moving forward for 2017 and beyond!

    Unpredictable changes in customer buying behaviours can have an enormous and negative impact product development and delivery. How can supply and distribution be aligned and prepared for to possible fluctuations in buying behavior and what are the costs/benefits? 

    ‘Elite Retailer, IRUK Top500 2017’


    • Terry Murphy
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  5. Opening Keynote Address

    10 Things We’ve Learnt About Mobile Shopping

    Step into the retail universe  of one of the UK’s most loved retailers. Tom Rooney will discuss the modern shopper; what's changed, what hasn't, and what John Lewis is doing about it.


    'Elite Retailer IRUK, Top 500 2017' 

    • Tom Rooney
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  6. Opening Keynote Address

    Going Global with Luxury Fashion Etail was set up 10 years ago in the backroom of the famous THERESA store in Munich.  Since then, it has  experienced fantastic growth and today, has websites in German, English, French, Italian, Arabic and Mandarin.  Hear how Mytheresa is approaching their operations solely on a cross-border basis working hard to  adjust language, payments, social, delivery and many other aspects to the local lifestyles of  their customers.


    Digital Tailblazer: the leading online store for luxury fashion!

    • Michael  Kliger
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  7. Opening Keynote Address

    Testing, Testing 123 

    In this session Julie will discuss why having a testing roadmap in place is the key to conversion growth. 


    ‘Top 100 Retailer, IRUK, Top500 2017'

    • Julie Austin
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  8. Opening Keynote Address

    Supply Chain Transformation - the vision and the hard yards

    Change has been the only constant in global luxury fashion retail. Our customers today have access to anything they want, geography and time zones are a thing of the past.  So do our competitors, new ideas and business can start up more quickly today than at any time before in history? Through technology the barriers to entry are low and the potential rewards are high. In this new world where the pace of change is so fast, how do you ensure that your supply chain can not only cope with all the challenges but in doing so can keep the customer at the centre and at the same time provide a competitive advantage.


    'Top150 Retailer, IRUK, Top500 2017'

    • Simon Finch
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  9. Why Retailers Need to Work Harder on Their Returns

    The devil is in the detail!

    Multichannel aftersales management can be disastrous to the bottom line, customer experience and back room operations and practices.  How can robust strategies for returns management be used as a vehicle  to enhance customer communications an connections? Can impact on the bottom line be reduced with effective back office management? How can innovative approached increase customer satisfaction and how can this be quantified?

    • Jonathan Gorst
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  10. Case Study

    Adopting a Customer-Centric  Approach to System Re-Modelling

    On the basis that Digital Transformation is the adoption of a Customer Centric approach to remodelling your systems, this session describes the capabilities that could be developed to support the ambitions of the business including: customer ordering, distributed order management, endless aisle, omni channel, courier and third party logistics.

    • John Cowper
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  • I love IRX it has that great mix of interesting sessions and speakers, as well as a good exhibition filled with new suppliers and new technologies – it’s a great time out of the office!
    Sarah Stagg
    Director of Digital Product, House of Fraser
  • IRX is a must attend event, I’m here every year. It’s a great venue… really convenient venue and a lot of great exhibitors.
    Stuart McMillan
    Deputy Head of eCommerce, Schuh
  • The thing about IRX is the consistency, it’s now a very well established show, it’s well-known within our industry and for me what’s interesting, is that it attracts a lot of established businesses that want to do even more and get even bigger.
    Julian Wallis
    Head of Sales UK & Ireland, Ingenico ePayments
  • I think it’s one of the biggest events of the year, I’ve actually come over from Sweden to be here today and it seems like it’s bigger than ever before.
    Kieran Clinton-Tarestad
    Global Head of eCommerce, GANT
  • This is one of the best places from a networking perspective to meet new people.
    Mike Durbridge
    Omni Channel Director, B&Q
  • IRX I always find useful. It’s one of the biggest exhibitions for the internet retailing space.
    Neil Sansom
    CEO, Woolovers



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