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Magnolia - Real Omnichannel


Where: Omnichannel Experience Theatre
When: Day 2 (6 April), 11:30 - 11:50
SpeakerRasmus Skjoldan, Lead product manager - Magnolia

During intensive interviews about omnichannel, Magnolia looked its customers deep in their eyes and asked:

  • What does omnichannel really mean to you?
  • How real is it?
  • What’s hype and what’s actually being done?
  • How does orchestrated communication across channels work in real-life?

All those conversations with our customers led to unique insights into the daily battles of omnichannel practitioners, planners and dreamers. This session will explore the ways businesses like MOO and Tesco create omnichannel experiences, show real examples of how it’s done—and dig into what is still ahead for all of us!

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  • I love IRX it has that great mix of interesting sessions and speakers, as well as a good exhibition filled with new suppliers and new technologies – it’s a great time out of the office!
    Sarah Stagg
    Director of Digital Product, House of Fraser
  • IRX is a must attend event, I’m here every year. It’s a great venue… really convenient venue and a lot of great exhibitors.
    Stuart McMillan
    Deputy Head of eCommerce, Schuh
  • The thing about IRX is the consistency, it’s now a very well established show, it’s well-known within our industry and for me what’s interesting, is that it attracts a lot of established businesses that want to do even more and get even bigger.
    Julian Wallis
    Head of Sales UK & Ireland, Ingenico ePayments
  • I think it’s one of the biggest events of the year, I’ve actually come over from Sweden to be here today and it seems like it’s bigger than ever before.
    Kieran Clinton-Tarestad
    Global Head of eCommerce, GANT
  • This is one of the best places from a networking perspective to meet new people.
    Mike Durbridge
    Omni Channel Director, B&Q
  • IRX I always find useful. It’s one of the biggest exhibitions for the internet retailing space.
    Neil Sansom
    CEO, Woolovers



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