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2018 Conference Tracks

  • Marketing & Customer Obsession

    Marketing & Customer Obsession

    21 March, Theatre 1

    With customer expectations getting ever higher in an increasing complex market of channel options an effective marketing strategy has never been more essential for successful Internet Retailing. 

    The ‘Marketing & Customer Obsession’ track will help you understand customer-centricity and its role in eCommerce as well as what steps you can take to ensure your SEO remains effective in 2018.  We’ll also focus on how sales and customer engagement can be increased through personalisation, how to drive profitability from social media and how you can achieve real insight and ROI from your customer data. monetate

  • International Growth

    International Growth

    21 March, Theatre 2

    With the uncertainty Brexit has created for eCommerce; many retailers are increasingly looking to international markets from growth opportunities.  Although the opportunity is huge; trading internationally is a complex process. 

    The ‘International Growth’ track will help you improve your international efforts through effective localisation and enable you to drive customer convenience through efficient international logistics and delivery. We’ll also look at the key international eCommerce challenges and how they can be overcome as well as highlighting which countries offer you the best growth opportunities.  ingenico group

  • Mobile-First


    21 March, Theatre 3

    With the explosive growth of mCommerce retailers have had to accept that their customers are now mobile-first but how can you ensure your business moves to a mobile-first strategy and fully engages the mobile shopper?      

    The ‘Mobile-First’ track will address this challenge and show you how you can boost sales through moving from a mobile-friendly focus to a truly mobile-first strategy.  We’ll look at the role of social media through mobile devices and how it has become transactional, improving loyalty through apps and how you can deliver a great mobile shopping experience that keeps customers spending. klarna

  • The Final Mile

    The Final Mile

    21 March, Theatre 4

    With the options for customer delivery rapidly growing and with some retailers even providing an hourly delivery option; the final mile is fast becoming a key way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  This crucial track looks at same-day delivery and how you can ensure it enhances customer experience, using tracking effectively to differentiate your offer and what an effective final mile strategy should look like to ensure Black Friday success.  

    We’ll also discuss the plethora of new delivery options, how customer convenience in delivery will change by 2020 and assess how drones and robots will be used to offer a world-class delivery experience. Bringg Logo

  • Beyond Channels

    Beyond Channels

    22 March, Theatre 1

    Customer expectations across retail are rising at a quicker rate than ever before.  Customers want to shop whenever, wherever and however they desire and now expect an increasingly seamless experience across channels. 

    The ‘Beyond Channels’ track will help you face this challenge and drive customer engagement through a united and friction-free shopping experience.  The track will help you re-think your stores to engage the seamless shopper, drive ROI from click & collect, capitalise on the single customer -view and create the right internal culture for your staff to achieve a seamless customer mind-set. Barclaycard Logo

  • Innovation & the Future

    Innovation & the Future

    22 March, Theatre 2

    Many retailers are embracing new innovations as a way to maximise engagement and drive market share.  Others are partnering with start-ups or even starting their own innovation labs to ensure they stay ahead of the game.  

    This track will look at four of the key innovations that are making the most impact on retail- artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality, IoT and voice-activation.  You’ll learn what these innovations really mean for retail and how they can best be used to engage your customers and increase your sales.  We’ll also have a panel on what retail will look like in 2020 to help you form forward-thinking strategies to take back to the office. Iponweb

  • Marketplaces & B2B

    Marketplaces & B2B

    22 March, Theatre 3

    This track looks at two key growth areas for eCommerce; marketplaces and B2B.  The marketplaces session in the morning focuses on helping you understand how to drive and sustain real international growth through a successful marketplace strategy and how you can expand through creating your own marketplace. 

    The afternoon sessions focus on the growing importance of b2b.  We’ll look at how a b2b company can successfully transform itself into a digital business, what b2b can learn from b2c eCommerce and how b2b organisations can drive sales through an effective customer-centricity strategy. Amazon mGage

  • Operational Excellence

    Operational Excellence

    22 March, Theatre 4

    The ‘Operational Excellence’ track focuses on the supply chain, operations and logistics element of internet retailing.  Attend this track to understand how you can use innovation in your warehouse to improve your operational efficiency and how you can best manage 3PL relationships during peak trading to improve customer experiences.

    The track also looks at how retailers can work together operationally to drive sales, ensuring your returns policy avoids business disruption and what operational excellence will look like in 2020 and how you can best prepare. Narvar GFS

  • Marketing & Customer Obsession
  • International Growth
  • Mobile-First
  • The Final Mile
  • Beyond Channels
  • Innovation & the Future
  • Marketplaces & B2B
  • Operational Excellence



21 March, Theatre 1
  1. Chair’s Introduction
  2. Opening Keynote Address

    Understanding Why Customer Centricity Is Crucial For Today’s Ecommerce Players

    • Evaluating what customer-centricity really means to the online retailer and why it is growing in importance 
    • Understanding the essential new skills that are now required for a more customer-centric business
    • Moving from a marketing focus to putting a customer-centricity strategy at the heart of your company culture
    • Ensuring a more seamless experience through a single view of the your customer



    • Bruce  MacInnes
      Company Logo
  3. Case Study

    Sharpening Your SEO Strategy To Cater For The Current Status Of Ecommerce In 2018

    • Assessing how Google’s mobile-first index will impact your SEO initiatives
    • Understanding how artificial intelligence and machine learning can fit into your SEO strategy
    • Integrating voice search technology into your SEO plans • Evaluating which new techniques of creative social media marketing will improve your SEO results
    • Ensuring your SEO strategy has a watertight business case



    • Nick Wilsdon
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  4. Sponsor Keynote

    Why Does Next, A £4 Billion Retailer Need Personalisation?

    • Understanding what customers are really expecting when it comes to personalisation and what it should mean to the retailer
    • Building a personalisation strategy that actually delivers bottom-line results and loyalty 
    • Ensuring your personalisation remains meaningful, engaging, relevant and non-intrusive


    • Rob  Pearson
    • Simon Farthing
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  5. Welcome back
  6. Case Study

    Building A Solid Data Strategy That Achieves Real Customer Insight And Diversifies Your Business

    • Recognising the value of data to drive customer insight and revenue growth, and create additional revenue streams
    • Evaluating the most efficient way to manage data and analytics
    • Embracing innovative tools to manage customer data and audience opportunities
    • Understanding how data insights drive relevance, customer loyalty and ROI
    • Applying a solid data strategy to optimise targeting based on propensity to spend
    • Ensuring GDPR compliance by integrating regulations into your data strategy and building trust with customers


    • Alessandra  Di Lorenzo
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  7. Panel Discussion

    Understanding What A Great Content Strategy Looks Like In A Highly Competitive Market

    The moderator will ask some of the following questions:

    1. How can retailers differentiate their brand through inspirational content? 
    2. What does a great content experience look like on a home page? 
    3. How can content best be used to maximise relevance to the customer? 
    4. How can you ensure your content increases sales and not just traffic? 
    5. How can retailers best bring social media into the content production process? 
    6. How can content flow best be optimised for improved customer experiences? 
    7. What organisational changes are needed to better understand content? 
    8. Which key technologies should retailers be looking at to improve the content experience? 
    9. Where should content management sit within an organisation? 
    10. What new skills are needed to ensure the best quality content for your customers?



    • Dan Mahoney
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    • Deepak  Anand
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    • Mike Wallwork
      Company Logo
    • Nick Wilsdon
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  8. Closing Keynote Address

    Putting Customers At The Heart Of Digital Retail To Deliver Exceptional Experiences And Increase Conversion


    • Exploring the mechanics of customer interactions in the physical and digital worlds and how they interoperate
    • Assessing how retailers can deliver customer-centric experiential marketing techniques in a helpful and non-intrusive way
    • Understanding how to measure and wield experiential marketing techniques across channels and build a universe around the customer
    • Building campaigns and marketing methodology for your specific business and understand how to identify and assess opportunities you didn’t previously even realise were there




    • Alexander Bartholomew
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  9. Chair’s Closing Comments
  • I love IRX it has that great mix of interesting sessions and speakers, as well as a good exhibition filled with new suppliers and new technologies – it’s a great time out of the office!
    Sarah Stagg
    Director of Digital Product, House of Fraser
  • IRX is a must attend event, I’m here every year. It’s a great venue… really convenient venue and a lot of great exhibitors.
    Stuart McMillan
    Deputy Head of eCommerce, Schuh
  • The thing about IRX is the consistency, it’s now a very well established show, it’s well-known within our industry and for me what’s interesting, is that it attracts a lot of established businesses that want to do even more and get even bigger.
    Julian Wallis
    Head of Sales UK & Ireland, Ingenico ePayments
  • I think it’s one of the biggest events of the year, I’ve actually come over from Sweden to be here today and it seems like it’s bigger than ever before.
    Kieran Clinton-Tarestad
    Global Head of eCommerce, GANT
  • This is one of the best places from a networking perspective to meet new people.
    Mike Durbridge
    Omni Channel Director, B&Q
  • IRX I always find useful. It’s one of the biggest exhibitions for the internet retailing space.
    Neil Sansom
    CEO, Woolovers



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