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The workshops are a complete programme of practical, training focused sessions delivered by leading companies in the industry.

With topics including improving the customer journey in the last mile, delivering great customer experience, raising the bar on customer experience as a multi-channel seller, brand loyalty, algorithm orchestration, payments, telecoms and tax regulations, there's a session for everyone. 

This is your chance to discover more about the latest technologies and how you can use them more effectively to drive sales. 

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Practical workshops
Workshop 4
  1. Workshop 4
    How can marketers comply with privacy laws while maximising opt-in? How should marketers manage opt-ins, opt-outs and global unsubscribes? In this session, learn how to streamline CCPA & GDPR into you ...
  2. Workshop 4
    What are the elements that go into a frictionless payment experience? How can payment performance help you grow your business. In this no nonsense workshop, we will demystify all the complex payment buzzwords and layout the 4 key things you will only ever need to know to accelerate your payment performance.
  3. Workshop 4
  4. Workshop 4

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