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What is IRX Engage?

IRX Engage is a digital platform providing retailers with actionable advice to supercharge their eCommerce sales.

If you are looking to increase traffic to your site, improve inventory management, or just get more out of your platform, IRX Engage will give you all the advice, tools and support that you need...

...all without leaving the comfort of your desk.

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The platform will give you access to all of the following - and more:


Fascinating keynote who will dig deep into the topic of the day and offer insight using real-life case studies. During the session you will be able to put your questions to the speaker via the live chat running continuously during the session. 


Across the virtual event a series of moderated discussions will dive deeper into the theme of the day. Find out how others in the industry are dealing with a specific issue, quiz your fellow retailers and gain inspiration for your business.


Take part in virtual roundtables and debate and discuss the most pertinent issues of the day. Restricted to retailers only and with a limited capacity, the moderated roundtables will allow open and intimate discussions equipping participants with new ideas and solutions to introduce into their strategy for success.

Panel discussions

Listen to panel discussions where you can hear from successful retailers and industry leaders, and discover the secrets to their success. 


IRX Engage is more than just a webinar, it will also provide you with the platform to network with other retailers, growing your list of contacts. You will also be able to set private face-to-face meetings virtually.

Please note: only retailers can request meetings and connections but everyone can accept them.


Across the day you will be able to browse the list of suppliers, compare their solutions, save your favourites and set up virtual meetings.

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