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IRX & eDX 2023

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Disruption through delivery: How delivery pivoted CX for eve sleep customers

Creating a stand out delivery experience for customers is key to ensuring cost-efficient growth in 2022 and beyond. In this insightful session, eve sleep - in partnership with GFS - will be shining a spotlight on their success story since they started back in 2015.

Avoid chaos! Working with various carriers, integrating each one separately can lead to operational chaos: multiple integrations, multiple invoices and manual operations. This can hamper productivity and operational efficiency, as well as escalate costs with no assurance of smooth and reliable delivery.

Watch Steve Davies, Chief Operating Officer at eve sleep discuss order fulfilment and delivery, with a focus on identifying bottlenecks, improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and strengthening supply chain resilience.

Hear how eve sleep are reducing overhead costs and improving customer loyalty through the use of multi-carrier services, as well as maintaining sustainability through their unique 'swap' service.

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