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Over the coming months we will continue to deliver you a range of digital events including webinars, workshops, fireside chats and intimate roundtables on our digital platform - IRX Engage - which you can watch from the comfort of your desk.

Please keep your eye out for the upcoming events here:

Live webinar - Tuesday 2 March 2021 | 2pm – 3pm

Managing customer identities - its importance and how to tackle it

As online sales continue to surge, accurate data management is integral to the success of e-retailers looking to the survive and thrive during the pandemic.

Join Andrew Bailey and Steve Farr from Experian to learn how building a complete, consistent, holistic view of your customers can help improve customer experience, giving brands greater customer insight, manage customer records (avoiding duplicates) and identify customers who may be trying to defraud you.

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Webinar - Managing customer identities

Roundtable - Wednesday 10 March | 2pm - 3.30pm

Maximising the effect of promotions to enhance margins

Retailers need to offer promotions, but how do you balance offering too little promotions or too frequent promotions?

This is a challenge faced by retailers across the world, and we are delighted to partner with Namogoo to bring a select group of retailers from the UK's largest businesses together to discuss these challenges.

Join the roundtable and join the discussion and discover how others are coping with this issue which has become even more important during the pandemic as online competition has soared.

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Namogoo roundtable promotions

Live webinar - Wednesday 24 March 2021 | 2pm – 3pm

Empowering the marketer: How to optimise your product feeds and drive sales

Effective feed management is about more than just having a feed. It’s about being truly omnichannel, optimisable and agile. With better data and management, you can save time and increase sales. 

This webinar is aimed at performance marketers who want to get more out of paid search and social campaigns. Matt Bailey, Sales Director at Productsup, will show you how to gain full control over your product data, earn a competitive advantage, and crush your objectives. 

Matt has worked in the performance marketing arena for more than 15 years, and so reluctantly accepts that he can be referred to as an ‘industry veteran’. 

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Productsup - Empowering the marketer

Ongoing consultations

Improve the performance of your Google Ads

PPC experts Mabo, will be on hand to answer any of the burning questions you have about the performance of your PPC advertising on Google.

Book a FREE 40 minute consultation and during the session PPC expert Craig Griffiths will review your existing Google Ads account to see how you could improve its performance. In addition, they will suggest new optimisation opportunities that could further improve the results you are achieving. 

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google ppc

On-demand webinar

Five key actions to kick-start 2021

There are many areas for eRetailers to action in early 2021 to maximise success. Brands are learning that the picture they had of customers pre-Covid needs to be refreshed. Knowing what your ideal customers looks like in today`s world is important, but being able to target and engage them effectively across channels, priortising online and offline channels will be crucial. Discover how to analyse these changes so the insights can begin to tell a story.

Debbie Oates, Head of Digital Media Marketing will be joined by Justin Meynell, Senior Account Manager (Retail) from Experian and together they will explore how internet retailers can develop and most importantly action their customer and audience insight to support their acquisitions plans.

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Webinar from Experian

On-demand webinar

Tomorrow came early: the new normal of the customer buying experience

Covid-19 has rapidly accelerated a seismic change in online buying behaviour driven by a new generation of digitally native buyers who are shunning offline interactions and redefining the relationships they have with brands.

In this era of “new normal”, a new breed of direct to consumer brands are flourishing with a manic focus on customer experience and intimacy, a digital first but community connected culture and disruptive business models that challenge the status quo. eCommerce just catapulted itself five years into the future and there is no turning back.

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The new normal of the customer buying experience

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