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Workshop | 23 June 2021 at 2pm | IRX Engage Digital Platform

Supercharge your product feeds so they drive more sales through Google Shopping, Facebook, Pinterest...

Nowadays online shopping and marketing channels are your gatekeepers to the digital shelf - so are your product feeds getting past these gatekeepers?

With old school feed management solutions, you need coding skills as well as days or weeks to update a single feed. Thanks to modern feed management, another way is possible – shortening time to market, reducing the need for IT involvement and empowering marketers to optimise feeds autonomously.

Join an interactive workshop at 2pm on 23 June 2021 to discover how you can capture new opportunities and boost sales performance, including practical tips for Google Shopping, affiliate websites and LIAs.

The interactive workshop is for retailers only and targeted at marketers and eCommerce managers with big product catalogues. You should already have a good knowledge about feed management and your business should already have it set up - either in-house or via an agency.

If you would like to participate, please register your interest below. We will be in touch shortly to let you know if you have been successful.

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Supercharge your product feeds

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