09 Aug 2021

Th Great Ecommerce Dilemma

Th Great Ecommerce Dilemma
The Great Ecommerce Dilemma
63% of people said they would abandon a product or website as a result of preventable usability issues. This prompted us to audit established web shops and identify the most impactful areas for improvement accompanied by best-practice examples of quick wins that will boost conversion.

During search usability testing, 19 of the world’s leading e-commerce sites search support was so weak that 31% of all product finding tasks ended in vain when the test subjects tried using search reinforcing a great ecommerce dilemma: if they can’t find it, they can’t buy it. This prompted us to audit the webshops of some of the highest-grossing retailers in Europe and reveal fundamental flaws in CX including:

  • Mobile usability
  • The autocomplete
  • No results pages
  • Synonym management
  • The number of results

In this report, Findologic will deep dive into the impact of these issues on performance and suggest best-practice solutions.

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