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31 Jan 2020

blubolt Announces Shopify Plus Accredited Agency Partnership

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Award-winning eCommerce agency blubolt, is delighted to announce it has joined Shopify Plus as an accredited agency partner. Already synonymous with building exceptional eCommerce websites with their own bluCommerce platform, this new platform partnership brings blubolt's expertise to high-growth, high-volume companies seeking the agility and control of Shopify Plus.


With well over a decade of experience delivering world-class eCommerce websites, blubolt has built a knowledgeable team of Shopify Plus developers led by Leigh Barnes, Frontend Manager and resident Shopify Plus expert at blubolt. "Shopify Plus allows retailers the flexibility to adapt to the market, backed by enterprise-level stability and support,' said Leigh. 'Merchants can focus on growing their business not their infrastructure!" From development, design and UX to optimisation services, blubolt has a proven track record in helping ambitious brands grow faster.'


Long-standing client, Teapigs, have already benefited from blubolt's Shopify Plus expertise. Tasked with communicating Teapigs' friendly and approachable attitude to the world of tea, blubolt delivered a new website with a playful and intuitive user experience, a custom-built subscription service and a "pick-n-mix" bundle builder where customers can build their own tea selection box. The results from Christmas and Cyber Weekends were clear: 60% increase in conversions, 250% increase in transactions, 350% increase revenue and their biggest Q3 ever.


''The Shopify Plus reporting features are brilliant, providing immediate performance insights that previously took hours in building custom reports. There are also customer service features that make life much easier for my team and our customers,'' said Reece Downey, eCommerce Manager at Teapigs. 'I could go on forever; migrating to Shopify Plus with blubolt's support is the best decision I've made in 6 years with Teapigs.'

Leigh Mardon, blubolt Chief Operating Officer, says the whole team is excited about the new platform offering. 'We're looking forward to partnering with more fast-growing brands to help them to build beautiful and high converting eCommerce solutions on Shopify Plus.'

As an accredited Shopify Plus service partner, blubolt is recognised as a best-in-class agency, combining leading industry and platform expertise to help high-growth businesses. Learn more about blubolt's Shopify Plus Agency services.

About blubolt ' Located in the heart of Bath, blubolt are an experienced, passionate eCommerce agency powering some of the UK's best-loved retailers. Over the last 10 years, we've built and developed our own successful eCommerce platform, bluCommerce, to support their journey. We're large enough to provide expert assistance on development, design, UX and optimisation services, but small enough to give a highly personalised service and form a meaningful partnership. Now, we're excited to add the Shopify Plus platform to blubolt's eCommerce offering. With our proven expertise and the power of Shopify Plus, we're ready to take your brand to the next level.'

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