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18 May 2023

Enhancing Emotions In User Experiences

Lnet Digital Stand: G7
Enhancing Emotions In User Experiences
User Experience with Research
Humans are Hardwired...but what if you could see what your customers see and feel? Get a full picture of how your customer journey looks on your eCommerce website.

Say goodbye to confusing copy, basket abandonments and low engagement! As the only Digital Marketing Agency in the East Midlands offering this expert eCommerce service, they understand why customer experience matters - the reason why they’ve gone beyond traditional methods.

  • With a single biometric AI software used in real-world/screen-based settings 

  • Access to emotional, cognitive and behavioural data

  • Biometric sensors that provide human insight: Eye Tracking, Facial Expression Analysis and more

Are you ready to start increasing your conversions with an improved customer experience? Find out how your buyers truly feel about your brand with Lnet Digital’s Behaviour Testing Technology to improve your eCommerce UX and CRO!

“There’s no denying humans are complex. We simply took a step to rule out the guesswork of marketing by measuring people’s emotions and feelings.”

  • Dan Walker, Founder of Lnet Digital

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