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05 Aug 2021

How a year of COVID affected Europe's eCommerce logistics

How a year of COVID affected Europe's eCommerce logistics

After examining the impact of COVID on Europe’s logistics last July, we are back with the latest insights on the pandemic’s effect on Europe, specifically Germany, the United Kingdom (UK), and France.

While the pandemic has led to sluggish retail sales due to lockdown measures and a resurgence of COVID, Europe experienced a boom in e-commerce and saw the biggest revenue growth in 2020 as more consumers shopped online. Europe’s e-commerce market hit a whopping $425.2 billion in 2020, up $71 billion from the previous year. E-Commerce revenue in Europe is projected to exceed $500 billion by 2022, with all categories experiencing steady growth.

With COVID driving shoppers online, how has this impacted transit times and delivery success rates in 2020?  

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