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28 May 2021

JYSK’s International Expansion & Acquisition Growth – Supported by Leadfamly & Mapp

JYSK’s International Expansion & Acquisition Growth – Supported by Leadfamly & Mapp
Prize Party: A Collaboration Between Leadfamly and Mapp To increase customer engagement, JYSK created a Slot Machine campaign with Leadfamly called Prize Party. Customers were invited to sign up using their email address, including opting in to receive JYSK’s newsletter. Then they were asked to pull the slot machine handle to try and win a prize. The lucky customers to match three identical symbols won a gift card for their local JYSK store.

While Leadfamly is an expert at enabling brands to build engaging customer experiences and learn more about their target audiences, Mapp takes it to the next level by feeding all the data into the integrated API and then into the insight-based customer experience platform Mapp Cloud. Using Mapp Cloud, JYSK was able to communicate the winners' prizes via automated emails, making the whole process seamless.


15 Markets – 1 Campaign

By creating the campaign in the Leadfamly platform, JYSK was able to roll it out across 15 markets without having to go through the hassle of creating 15 separate campaigns. The Leadfamly platform enabled them to reuse the campaign by simply duplicating it, translating into the local language, tweaking the creative as needed, and then adding a relevant and custom reward for each market.


Mapp then collaborated with Leadfamly and JYSK to build automated flows based on either double opt-in or single opt-in communications. This varied depending on the requirements within each specific market. The results of the partnership between Mapp and Leadfamly, on behalf of JYSK, speak for themselves:

  • New newsletter sign-ups: 290,000+
  • Time spent per slot machine visit: 00:46 seconds
  • Total Prize Party games played: 640,000+
  • Average email open rates: 45-65%
  • Average email CTR: 40%
  • Average Click to Open Rate: 80%



Emilia Sławek, Digital Marketing Coordinator at JYSK commented: “Working in collaboration with both Mapp and Leadfamly has not only massively improved the performance of our campaigns locally, but also on a global scale. Leadfamly has enabled us to easily create campaigns from scratch, as well as reuse games so that campaigns can be localized for relevant markets. By feeding all of this data into Mapp Engage, we have really been able to enrich our customer profiles, and get a much better steer on how best to really engage the right people at the right time. It’s provided us with an amazingly accessible way for JYSK to interact and engage with our audience on an ongoing basis.”

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