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03 May 2022

Turkish e-commerce: A quick overview

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Turkish e-commerce: A quick overview

When looking at Turkey – the number of e-commerce users was 41 million in  2021 and is expected to increase by 42%, to 58 million by 2025. The top 3 interests of online shoppers in Turkey are the same as in UK – clothing, shoes, food & drinks.  

The Turkish consumer is keen to do research before making a purchase online. 78 percent of the consumer are checking customer reviews before their purchase. A big difference between the UK  customer and the Turkish customer is that 67% of Turkish customers prefer express delivery,  whereas in the UK this is only important for 25% of online customers.  

Fashion is king

The biggest category in Turkish e-commerce is Fashion with about US$3 billion net sales in 2020. is the largest player of the top 10 online stores in Turkey, in terms of growth, takes the lead position. 

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