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  • Scaling eCommerce

    20 Mar 2019
    Product Information Management (PIM) provides the infrastructure your company needs to cost-effectively expand your products, reach more markets, and take advantage of new sales channels.
  • Whether you're a retailer with hundreds of stores or a popular online business, you're likely setting your sights on new, international markets. Why not?
  • Social media has become part of most of our daily routines ' whether it's catching up with old friends on Facebook, sharing holiday snaps on Instagram or the morning scroll through Twitter for the lat ...
  • New research from IRX reveals that the promotions, advertising and online and in-store experiences offered by brands have more of an impact than online influencer campaigns
  • Cryptocurrencies are being adopted by an ever-growing pool of customers. This no-nonsense guide covers how retailers can use the crypto revolution to great use.
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  • Download the whitepaper
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  • Download the whitepaper
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  • Amara case study

    08 Feb 2019
    Download the whitepaper
  • Download the whitepaper
  • Download the whitepaper
  • Download the ebook
  • The payments and eCommerce market guide analyses the newest trends in the eCommerce industry and global payments.
  • New technology simplifies online grocery shopping for consumers.
  • Customer experience is now table stakes across B2B as well as B2C companies
  • Beyond sci-fi films, AI is everywhere in 2018. Find out how robots are reshaping retail beyond recognition.
  • VIDEO: Bloom & Wild'has eliminated failed deliveries and'improved the user experience
  • Rise in sales offers UK retailers an unprecedented opportunity.
  • The must-have free guide to meeting shoppers expectations in a time of flux.
  • Tips for retailers, agencies & B2B organisations
  • Leading image creation studio invites IRX attendees to see their products 'brought to life'
  • Original article'published on B2B sales are expected to represent nearly 30% of the global market within the next three years, according to a study by Frost & Sullivan. Reta ...

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