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Santiago  Navarro

Santiago Navarro

CEO & Co-Founder, Garcon Wines

Santiago is a serial entrepreneur whose first professional experience in internet retailing came in 2010 with his first venture, Vinopic Wines - an online retailer that was the world’s first to use science to rate and score wines for their intrinsic quality. It was while building this business that Santiago realised that the heavy, fragile and spatially inefficient wine bottles of the 19th century were completely unfit for purpose when shipping wines through the complex supply chains required for online sales and home delivery. It was this experience that led him to develop a 21st century wine bottle that was suitable for ecommerce and to launch Garçon Wines, which is now globally recognised for introducing eco, flat wine bottles. As CEO and lead co-founder, Santiago is targeting the 35 billion bottles used annually in wine across many applications and advancing both the wine and packaging industries to be more sustainable through innovative, beautiful, flat bottles and game-changing transit packaging.



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