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IRX & eDX 2023

Sustainability at IRX and eDX

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Be more sustainable

IRX and eDX promotes eco-friendly retailing, and so naturally leads by example by having the most sustainable event possible. To host a sustainable event, we carry out the following actions:

  • Avoiding single-use plastics: Drinks will be served in reusable glass glasses. The food will also be delivered in very little packaging.
  • Going paperless: IRX and eDX has gone digital. You no longer have to print off your tickets, you can now just use your email confirmation on your phone. As well as digital tickets the show guide has followed suit and moved online. The plan your day guide containing the conference programme is now all stored on an app. This app allows you to plan your day more efficiently and in a more sustainable manner.
  • Using an eco-friendly venue: In the last ten years the NEC have saved 927 million litres of water with the Ureco system.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions: Anyone attending the event has access to a train discount to encourage less cars to be on the road.
  • Recycling: Recycling bins are all around the NEC to encourage recycling. As well as this all badges are recyclable.

Exhibitors: you can do your bit too


How exhibitors can become more sustainable