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1-2-1 meetings at IRX @ DTX + UCX

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A series of hand-picked 1-2-1 meetings took place on the show floor where guests met face-to-face with a range of solutions experts. They discussed the challenges they were facing, what their business needs to solve these problems, and the latest innovations relevant to their setup.

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1-2-1 session with Adobe

Find out how to build multi-channel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C customers on a single platform. From catalog to payment to fulfillment, our future-proof technology gives you a commerce platform that’s endlessly flexible, extensible and scalable. 

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1-2-1 session with Axerve

Axerve guides you in selecting the best payment solutions for your business worldwide. Thanks to our expertise, which goes beyond payments management, we enable Ecommerce international growth and anticipate market needs.

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1-2-1 session with Nylas

Nylas helps businesses get the most value from their communications data. They ensure your applications seamlessly connect to any email contact and calendar provider so that your customer's insights don't get lost in space. With Nylas, you can build secure communication-driven features into your applications in hours instead of months, giving you access to the email, calendar, contacts data, and send/receive mechanisms. 

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1-2-1 session with Shopify

Shopify Plus is an omnichannel enterprise platform where you can start, grow, and scale your business. Trusted by more than 10,000 of the world’s most innovative brands including Allbirds, Gymshark, Heinz, Netflix and many more. Shopify Plus helps supercharge your business with exclusive features including an average launch time of 90 days, and robust ecommerce automation tools to automate sales campaigns, promotions, and common tasks.

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1-2-1 session with Yext

Yext enables you to create an intuitive eCommerce search and discovery experience so you can deliver direct answers to your customers every step of the way. It will help you turn your website into a conversion engine and streamline the digital customer journey with AI-powered commerce solutions from.

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