The exclusive roundtables are an invite-only for retail and brand decision-makers and budget holders. These hour-long sessions will take place over a buffet lunch and will enable the participants to delve into specific issues effecting retailers and brands in 2022 and beyond. Hear from other influential retail leaders facing similar challenges, and share proven tactics and strategies to take your business to the next level.lightbulb

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Leading the charge towards headless…without losing your head 

The desire to integrate eCommerce with omnichannel, accessible content from brands is at an all-time high. Many companies that want a streamlined customer experience pursue headless commerce and CMS approach. However, moving from a traditional to an agile solution does have its challenges. Where are you in the transition?

Join like-minded retailers and brands who are also going through the process to discover how they have overcome the same challenges you are facing, and learn from those who have made their transition a success.

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Reimagining the retail experience for a digital first world: Driving customer lifetime value with personalisation at scale

Within this roundtable we will examine how you can scale personalisation across all these channels, devices and customers. We will ask participants to discuss which role can automation and AI/ML play to help your business scale and how can you determine your level of maturity and where to start. 

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Unbuzzing the buzz word of "agility" and what it actually means

Agility has become an arguably overused buzzword. In this roundtable we will discuss what it actually means for you and your business to be truly agile within the world of commerce today, from ease-of use to integrations and scalability. Hear first-hand how a platform can priority agility at the highest enterprise level.

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How does the purchase experience affect the Gross Merchandising Value?

Within this roundtable we will discuss how leveraging first-party email data can help grow Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and revenue across the purchasing funnel.

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