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Is there an area within your job where you need a little assistance? Do you sometimes want to be able to just speak to someone about what you need to do - rather than just Google it?

The Expert Clinics are an opportunity not to be missed. Specialists in payments, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Amazon and marketplace advertising, reviews and online reputation will be available to discuss your specific challenges in free 30-minute consultations. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to sit down with a seasoned expert, ask about the challenges you and your organisation face and return to your team with solutions.

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Are you offering a seamless, secure payment for your customers?

Is your current payment solution offering a frictionless customer experience or are you losing sales at the checkout stage? Book a consultation and find out answers to:

  • How can my business manage fraud and risk and still provide a high quality customer experience?
  • What do I need to do with my payment solution when I expand to overseas markets?
  • Can I unify the payments experience across online, mobile as well as in-store?

Book a consultation and meet experts from ACI who will be able to answer all these - and many more - questions on payments.

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Improve your reviews & online reputation

Today, online reviews can make or break a business. Most businesses choose to tap into their customers' desire to share their experience to get new reviews and showcase their brand reputation to the world. However, collecting reviews isn't enough - managing them is just as important. Book a reputation check and Trustpilot can advise you on how to keep up with new feedback, respond to your reviews and improve your customer experience.   

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Amazon and marketplace advertising

Come and meet Perpetua, eCommerce growth experts supporting thousands of customers with their Amazon and Marketplace advertising platform.

Book a consultation and get answers to questions like 'what strategies and tactics can I employ to save time, decrease cost and increase total sales?', 'how can I best utilise placements across Amazon, such as Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display', and 'what is Amazon's DSP, and how can I use it to drive better brand awareness and more sales?'. 

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Perpetua Labs

Fraud and policy abuse

Are you losing revenue after customers click the "Buy now" button? Chargebacks, PSD2 friction, returns abuse, and fraudulent item not received declarations might be costing you more revenue than you realise. Our specialists are experts at helping you identify opportunities to increase your eCommerce revenue by reducing friction and approving more legitimate customers, while preventing fraudsters and policy abusers from eroding your profits.

Book a consultation for answers to questions such as:

  • What ecommerce fraud trends do we need to be aware of?
  • How will we know if our fraud prevention tool is also declining legitimate customers?
  • What impact is PSD2 friction having on our revenue?
  • How can we spot returns abuse and stop it?
  • Can we quantify how much revenue we are losing, and how can we recover it?

Book a consultation with Forter's specialists now to discuss fraud and policy abuse and how to protect your business from it.

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Composable commerce

Is your business stuck in a purgatory of sorts, where both your business and tech teams are underdelivering on the possibilities commerce offers today?

Does your current technology deliver on modern commerce experiences such as micro-moments, AR/VR, IoT, optimised customer journeys and omnichannel marketing?

Did you realise that implementing a composable commerce architecture means you will never need to upgrade again? It will enable you to capitalise on best-in-class online retail technology, with site speed improvement up to triple-digit increases, significantly reduced TCO and the flexibility to experiment with every individual element of your commerce experience.

Book a consultation to find out more about composable commerce, how you can break free of your current legacy suites and how to deliver the best commerce experiences across every touch point on a large scale.

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